Bavaria Launches Two New 0.0% Alcohol Beers to market

Swinkels Family Brewers, Dutch owners of the Bavaria Beer Brand are launching two new products, Bavaria 0.0% Beer and Bavaria 0.0% IPA, to South African shores in December 2021.

‘The best we’ve ever brewed’ campaign

The independent family brewer, situated in a small Dutch village, has been leading the way in innovation in the beer category with a history of beer brewing and seven generations of experience. ‘The best we’ve ever brewed campaign’ brings with it refreshed packaging and two new non-alcoholic products bound to leave an impression leading up to the festive season.

For those seeking an uncompromised yet distinct beer taste, the Bavaria 0.0% Beer is a non-alcoholic pilsner boasting a crisp finish. This beer beautifully balances bitter and fruity tones, with a pleasant aftertaste. Because the alcohol is extracted at a very low temperature, it maintains a refreshing, slightly hoppy taste, delivering a real ‘beer’ experience. After months of research and consumer testing, the new Bavaria 0.0% Beer has been rated as tasting the closest in market to an alcoholic beer.

The Bavaria 0.0% IPA has four specific aromatic hop varieties sourced from the USA & Australia to give it an inviting hop aroma where tropical fruits and citrus blend together seamlessly. It’s entirely unique as there’s absolutely no alcohol formed during the entire process ensuring this drink is 100% Halal and Kosher Certified, a beer taste for beer lovers.

As a company, Swinkels is well-positioned to innovate on different styles of non-alcoholic beer, what with the global non-alcoholic beverage market expected to grow from $378.38 billion in 2020 to $410 billion in 2021. The new products will be available at major outlets, the Bavaria 0.0 Beer RSP is R84,99 & the IPA RSP is R94,99. Both the 0.0 Beer and IPA have won many awards, including awards in the Dutch Beer Awards this year:

What makes the Bavaria brewery process extraordinary is our own natural water spring sourced on the Royal Swinkels Family Brewers property in The Netherlands that is used in brewing the beer as well as our own sophisticated malting facility onsite. We’re thrilled by these two new products that will spearhead our range of 0.0 beers with innovation set for the future. Linked to our brewing expertise, we want to be seen as innovators in the non- alcoholic beer category. We look forward to seeing these quality products soar in the South African Beer Category, and South Africa enjoying non-alcoholic beverages responsibly in the well-deserved holidays and festive events,’ concludes Oliver Wills, Marketing Lead for Africa, Swinkels.

Learn more about the new range here